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Fox News Blasts Obama For Exclusion, Forgets Bush Did Same


A newsletter for conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham attacked President Obama for meeting with MSNBC pundits after the election, but left out the fact that George W. Bush met with conservative analysts — including Ingraham herself — in 2006.


If Fox News hosts and conservative personalities had stopped by the Bush White House to discuss policy” the media “would have been rightly outraged,” Ingraham’s Dec. 5 newsletter said. “Given MSNBC’s history of blatantly promoting the DNC’s talking points and spewing left-wing talking points, maybe it’s time they just became Obama’s official mouthpiece.


As MediaMatters points out, in October 2006, the New York Times reported on a meeting between President Bush and several conservative radio hosts, including Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, Neal Boortz and Ingraham.”*
Whoops! When criticizing Obama for inviting “influential progressives” to a White House meeting and excluding Fox News anchors, she said they would have been outraged if President Bush had only invited Fox News to a policy meeting. Well…he did. And Ingraham was there. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.


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TYT: Fox News Carl Rove Loses it on Election Night.


“Fox News had what can only be described as an insane argument with itself over whether or not President Obama had won Ohio, and the presidency.

The network seemed quite confident in its projections at first, but suddenly, pundit Karl Rove — who, as leader of a huge conservative Super PAC has something of an interest in the outcome of the race — began to pour cold water on the call.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace then said that Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign is contesting the network’s decision to call President Obama’s re-election.

Rove said it was “premature” and “early” to make any real decisions.

“So, maybe not so fast, folks!” Wallace said. There was a pained silence.

“Uh, thank you!” Bret Baier said. “That’s awkward,” Megyn Kelly added.”*

Cenk Uygur breaks down why it might not be great to have a Super PAC owner as a political analyst and the embarrassing way he acted and Fox News responded on air.

*Read more from Rebecca Shapiro and Jack Mirkinson/ Huffington Post:




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