Arab Spring an extension of NeoCon Project For New American Century?


Anyone familiar with the document that states the objectives of the NeoCon agenda for the future during the next century will find that the agenda is moving forward even under the Obama administration.Look a little deeper, you’ll easily see the similarities quite shocking.

So far Libya, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and even Russia have reported that the unrest in their countries is not genuine dissent, but rather a foreign backed operation to create a perception of genuine revolt and civil unrest in their nations.

If you think that these leaders are dumbfounded dictators and corrupt inept people that think this Arab Spring is part of a larger conspiracy, you thought wrong. Egypt’s Morsi, Syria’s Assad, the Iranian President, and Russia’s Putin have all very recently stated openly to the press that they know that foreign elements are behind the unrest.

What a coincidence. Or NOT, too many coincidences are exactly the opposite, NOT a coincidence.


Here is the Latest from Egypt.

Egypt’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has called the situation in the country “a civil war” demanding politicians to address the situation. Lawrence K. Freeman from Executive Intelligence Review magazine says the Egyptian people have been deprived of their revolution.


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