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GOOGLE BUSTED: PROOF “Ferguson Store Owner Says He Doesn’t Believe That’s #MikeBrown On Surveillance Video”


Google is suppressing and blocking articles like this one titled

Ferguson Store Owner Says He Doesn’t Believe That’s Mike Brown On Surveillance Video


The original article is being blocked by Google you can only view it in the cached pages inventory Google uses to keep a snapshot of webpages as they are published.

The undeniable truth is that Mike Brown committed NO CRIME, and the store owner even says it himself. This article is being suppressed via “502 Error Bad Gateway” and there were many like it just a few days ago. The store owner states, the Ferguson Police department came up with that STORY on their own, in an attempt to smear #MikeBrown’s character and cover up the brutal execution style murder of the innocent teenager. Yes the truth hurts. Eat it Motherfuckers. YOU LIARS! Now you can’t deny it.

I almost missed this totally. My girlfriend told me that the store owner had already said Mike Brown wasn’t the robber and I said to myself, “why is this topic still a subject on social media?,  HELL NAW!” So I decided to look for it, only a single article came up, but Google won’t let you click on it. Complete Bullshit. But here it is. I saved the cached page, took copies of it too, before they disappear that page forever as well.

It has been proposed by #INFOWARS and other internet Bloggers that much of what is going on in Ferguson following #MikeBrown’s death has been a government PsyOp in order to bring about Martial law. So far so good, the plan is going %100 according to script because now the National Guard of Missouri has been called in and it looks like the planners are getting exactly what they want.


All my Proud Black, White, Hispanic, Multicultural, and Multinational patriots, share this baby, make it viral, lets clear our brother’s name. #MIKEBROWN IS INNOCENT! Charge the Murderer, and hold #GOOGLE accountable for suppressing these articles. Picture of the page and original article below. Just use ‘CTRL + to blow it up on your screen.. AND YES WATCH THE VIDEO EMBED BELOW. About 11 minutes in the media reports the store owner says it wasn’t Mike Brown.

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#MikeBrown | Witness Gives Chilling Details On The Execution

American Dreamindex

#MikeBrown did NOT commit any armed robbery… PERIOD! Stop feeding into the #MSM headline and go directly to the source. We have to stop the spread of this slanderous hearsay(not admitted in court btw) against Mike Brown. The Police will feed the media this narrative to assassinate the character of the individual they murdered in hopes of relieving public pressure for demands of JUSTICE! Share it!

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Mike Brown Shooting | What You’re Not Being Told

American Dreamindex

Is this another unjustifiable murder of an unarmed civilian, or will justice be served?

Talking Points

  1. Eyewitness Testimony
  2. Dispatcher Tapes Via Anonymous
  3. Ferguson, MO police department attempt to cover up the crime.
  4. Ferguson, MO police department begin character assassination of Mike Brown, alleging him as suspect to armed robbery previous to the incident(which if it were remotely true, was totally unrelated to this officer and the motivations for his actions leading to Mike Brown’s death.


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