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Gas Price Stable Since The 70′s

Dead Zone

  • Gas prices are NOT going up. Gas has been steady since the 1970′s! Don’t be fooled. Our Dollar is collapsing. Watch this short video and change your life and perceptions.

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    The graphic below, (File is 14.4 MB May Take Time to Load)  produced by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) an agency of the United States Government, shows the MONTHLY predicted spread and potency of radioactive Cesium-137 from Fukushima throughout the Pacific Ocean. The GIF runs from March, 2011 when the disaster took place, all the way through to the year 2041.

    Based upon these projections, northernmost Hawaii will be uninhabitable by January, 2015. The government is concealing this to protect real estate values and tourism because there’s nothing the government can do to stop the radiation.

    By October, 2016, all of southern Alaska including the Aleutian Islands will be uninhabitable. The government is concealing this to protect the fishing industry because there’s nothing the government can do to stop the radiation.

    By June, 2017, the entire west coast of Canada and the United States will be uninhabitable. Both the U.S. and Canadian governments are concealing this to avoid a panic, to preserve real estate values in some of the wealthiest areas of both countries, to preserve farming and fishing industries in those areas from being driven out of business when consumers shun their products due to radiation contamination and because there is nothing the governments can do to stop the radiation.

    (Note: The government projection below uses only 1/3rd the amount of Cesium that was actually released initially and DOES NOT take into account the 300 metric tons of contaminated water which has leaked into the Pacific Ocean EVERY DAY since the accident in March, 2011.)

    To simply download the file above, right-click here and select “Save Link As”


    Beginning on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, TEPCO is to begin attempting to remove the 1,534 used fuel rods that remain inside Reactor #4.  These rods contain pellets of nuclear materials like Uranium and Plutonium as well as other radioactive materials.  Experts say that the fuel rods may snap during the removal process because the reactor pool is physically damaged and the rods may not be able to come out perfectly straight.  In the event a rod snaps, and fuel pellets fall out from inside the rod onto the floor of the reactor pool, they could begin reacting with each other on the floor of the pool.  They would become self-sustaining mini reactors, completely uncontrollable, boiling-off the pool water, thereby allowing the remaining fuel rods to overheat and meltdown and releasing tons of radioactive gases into the atmosphere.  One byproduct of such a scenario would be large amounts of hydrogen gas.  The temporary structure built around Reactor #4 after the earthquake, would hold enough of that hydrogen gas to make the equivalent of a nuclear explosion once the gas ignites.

    Experts say that if such a scenario takes place as TEPCO is removing the remaining fuel rods, “it is bye-bye Japan and people on the west coast of the United States and Canada would have only DAYS to evacuate to avoid lethal doses of radiation.”

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